Mission Statement

Manipur is what we are, and what we do as individuals as well as a collective. Together we can make a new Manipur. We can, we will and we are changing Manipur for the better!

To say “yararoi” and “oiraroi” and being a mute spectator or act like a bystander is to nurture the mess and the political and moral decadence that mark Manipur today. Yes, the situation seems too difficult to change but it is not impossible.

We — you and I — must fight the “war” for our well-being and dignity. There are too many “battles” to be fought in this “war”. One crucial “battle” is that which decides who, what and how will “govern” (NOT “rule”) our life. In the democratic order, a decisive moment comes in this “battle”: The Assembly Elections. It is a crucial time wherein we — you and I — get the opportunity to make our “representatives” accountable for the nature of our collective life that we have in Manipur.

This website is for those who understand this and want to join in the effort to make our political class accountable for the mess and decadence that we are in today and also make it sure that the people are taken seriously by those who long for getting access to the administrative structure of the State as people’s representatives.

The state of affairs in Manipur can and will be changed for the better for we — YOU and I — have stopped being a bystander or a defeatist. From this very moment you join this community, you have reaffirmed yourself once again that you are a part of numerous “I” of the “we” who are working for a better Manipur TODAY and days to come as well.