Aims and Objectives

The People’s Campaign for Resurgent Manipur aims to:

⚫ fight against the private and vested interests that seek to undermine the basic fabric of a collective life in Manipur and
⚫ bring about a new political culture wherein public morality and issues of public importance play significant role in our society and polity

Correspondingly, the Campaign seeks to

⚫ cultivate a culture of dialogue and debates in order to generate informed opinions and choices on public issues and
⚫ make the political class, public institutions and leaders accountable to the citizens as individuals and as a collective;

In pursuance of the above aims, the Campaign seeks to

⚫ encourage and cultivate the involvement of private citizens in the affairs of the collective, and
⚫ engage and monitor the functioning of public offices and institutions as well as the ways in which public officials and elected representatives of the people respond to or address the issues of public importance.