2 March 2017: Like every system, the present electoral system in Manipur does have its weakness and strength. However, it is still a crucial aspect of our collective life. It is through this system of election that we elect a few ordinary women and men like us to take the responsibility of governing our collective life on our behalf. Therefore, it is worth remembering certain issues while exercising our voting right.

Private Vs Public Interests

The people whom we elect as members of the State Assembly shall represent us, including the interests with which we elect them. Thus, if the interest(s) that guide our decision to cast our votes for a particular candidate or party is private and personal, the elected individual will also likely represent similar interests, namely, his/her private/personal interests.

On the other hand, if the interest(s) that guide our decision to cast our votes for a particular candidate or party is informed by issues of public importance, the elected individual will also likely represent similar interests, namely, public interests rather than his/her private/personal interests.

When a society is dominated by private interests, our collective well-being is bound to be jeopardized, and chaos and decadence shall mark the nature of our society and polity.

We ought to remember that corruption, which is the abuse or exploitation of public offices and wealth for private gain, is a product of a political culture dominated by private interests.

Two Emas at Khwairamband Kiethel reading PCRM’s pamphlets

Issues of Public Importance as Criterion to Decide Your Vote

Thus, while choosing our representative in the coming election, we must keep in mind the issues of public importance as the criterion to decide who we should vote for.

In this regard, we appeal to the electorates in Manipur to choose a candidate based on (a) the views of the candidate hold on the issues of public importance (b) what that candidate has done and intend to do on those matters of public importance.

Please also keep in mind similar concerns while evaluating the political parties. Their election manifestos may also be used to evaluate the political parties and candidates in this election.

Significance of NOTA

If you think that the candidates and/or political parties are insincere and unworthy of representing you, you must convey that rejection by casting your vote for NOTA. That rejection must be communicated rather than remaining silent by not casting your valuable vote. You silence encourages self-seeking individuals to go for public offices.

Please remember that under the existing law, NOTA does not technically disqualify candidates (that is, even if NOTA gets the highest number of votes, the second candidate who  comes second will be declared as elected from that constituency). However, it is crucial for us to remember that not communicating your voice of rejection of unworthy candidates and political parties is to encourage decadence in our society and polity. Besides, think of the moral pressure on the person who may go on to become MLA even as she or he has been defeated by NOTA. That moral victory is important in an increasingly unethical political culture.

Thus, if you think that the candidates (and their political parties) in the election are insincere and unworthy, choose NOTA to voice your views and fight decadence in our society.

Please Vote for a New Political Culture and a Life with Dignity

Please come out and exercise your democratic right to convey your views. Election is one crucial moment that you get once in five years. Convey your acceptance or rejection of people who would get access to the wealth and power of the state to govern our collective life.

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