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Abnormal Is the New Normal: Life in Manipur in the Post-Election Days

This is a compilation of three editorials published by the Imphal Free Press on 16th, 20th and 21st March 2017, for the record of PCRM with an observation that these write-ups have succinctly captured the prevailing mood in Manipur, with the conclusion of the 2017 Assembly Election, which was held [...]

What are the Terms of Reference of Negotiation between the GoM and the UNC?

Last Sunday, the United Naga Council (UNC) had called off the 139-day-long blockade of the state’s two national highways, after talks with representatives from the state and Centre and a day ahead of Chief Minister N Biren's crucial floor test to prove his majority in the Manipur assembly. This must [...]


Fight against the private and vested interests that seek to undermine the basic fabric of a collective life in Manipur

Let us make the political class, public institutions and leaders accountable to the citizens as individuals and as a collective

Let us encourage and cultivate the involvement of private citizens in the affairs of the collective

Let us cultivate a culture of dialogue and debates in order to generate informed opinions and choices on public issues

Let us bring about a new political culture wherein public morality and issues of public importance play significant role in our society and polity